The Best Office Gaming Chairs Your Back Will Thank You For

People who don’t know much about gaming might ask why one would spend so much money on a special gaming chair. They might assume the answer is, “Well, because it’s comfortable.” Though they may doubt us, the true answer is because of our health. It sucks when you play for hours in a crummy chair that doesn’t provide back support. An intense gaming session shouldn’t cause you to spend the rest of the day walking like a stiff broom, wincing and whining from the aching pain in your back and neck.

Finding the best gaming chair can be a hassle for us old people (ages 30 and up). Studies have shown that people spend more than half of their lifetime sitting down, resulting in higher chances on improper posture and chronic back pain. Investing our money into the most comfy and durable chair that can provide correct posture and comfort for our backs and necks is well worth it. So at the end of the day, if you want to immerse yourself in your favorite RPG or Fortnite/PUBG, you might as well feel comfortable doing it.

After researching all kinds of office gaming chairs for your PC room, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gaming chairs that will be worth your time and money.  From racing and colorful flashy designs to plain ol’ dad office chairs, these chairs are worth it at its price. Or if you are looking for a chair that solely gives good posture and back support, this list is for you. Your back and neck will thank you later.

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

30 x 23 x 13 inches
31 Pounds
Maximum Load: 280 pounds
Available in black, blue or red.

This chair has gotten plenty of great reviews and it’s affordable. The customers praise the Amazon’s quick delivery as usual. There are very little complaints about the condition of the packaging, and the assembly of the chair is easy thanks to the clear pictorial assembly instruction manual.

The chair has a PU leather cover and mesh combined to make the seat comfortable and breathable. You can also adjust the chair’s height using the air/gas lift.

The design itself is a mix of an office chair with a racing ergonomic shape, making it look slick but simple at the same time. The backrest provides proper alignment on your spine and your neck for those long hours of working/gaming. A person of average height that weighs over 200 pounds can sit in its surprisingly deep and wide seating without feeling tight or squished. 

However, the tilt mechanism is limited. You can’t tilt the backseat back to a laying position. You can only lean back to a extent where your body weight has to hold the position. There’s no mechanism where you can lock the tilt position. However, no one has complained about how far back the chair can go without breaking. That’s because the chair itself is cheap and the expectations aren’t as high with this kind of feature in a chair.

But for $60 ($70 if you want blue or red), it’s a fantastic deal! If you don’t want to go all cash in on an office gaming chair, this chair is for you. It feels great, looks great, and the closest to getting a comfortable gaming chair at a cheap price!

OPSEAT Master/GrandMaster Series

I got to admit, this was the first chair I encountered and I instantly fell in love with the design! In other words, this was my first love in terms of gaming chairs.

Founded by two passionate gamers, they created OPSEAT, hoping to inspire others with back pain to keep gaming even as we’re getting older. So with that in mind, after years of research, they made an affordable gaming chair that mainly focuses on providing the ultimate support for even the achiest of backs, so that the gamer can focus on gaming. The chair works on your back, while you play your game.

As for the chair assembly, the parts and pieces are created with great craftsmanship and comes with an alien wrench and additional screws. The assembly process is relatively easy.

The design may look like any other cheap gaming chair with its flashy design and bright colors but the upholstery conforms to your back perfectly. Plus, it comes with 11 color selections from the classic rainbow colors to colors that stand out like pink and sky blue. You’ll be the talk of the office with your cool chair, making coworkers and others alike real jealous!

It has breathable PU leather mesh that disperses some heat from your body when you sit. It uses a cold molded memory foam that is molded into the metal frame and the seat itself to give incredible comfort to your whole upper body. When they say let the chair do the work while you can concentrate on gaming, they mean it! Just don’t spill on the seat since it tends to absorb the moisture. 

The chair also comes with the 4K adjustable armrests so it’s fully adjustable on all angles. It has the 165 degree reclining with lock positioning so you can take power naps or full naps if you want to. The best part about this chair is that it can support a person who weighs up to 300 pounds. So if you’re a big boy/girl, this chair is recommended.

The OPSEAT comes in two different types; the master and the grandmaster series. The grandmaster series bottom seat is 6 inches wider, 2 inches deeper and has 2 more inches of padding on the backseat. So if you want to perform some kind of meditation with your legs crossed, you can with that extra space! As far as the design difference, the master series has a winged frame on the backseat. The grandmaster series has a flat circular shape.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great mid-range priced gaming chair ($220-$250, which is a SUPERB deal with what you’re getting), this is the perfect gaming chair! The OPSEAT gaming chair is definitely worth it at its price!

Click here or the title to purchase an OPSEAT!!!

Secret Lab Omega 2018 Gaming Chair

Picture and Link to buy chair coming soon…

Back in 2015, two gamers/entrepreneurs from Singapore came out with a blast with this gaming chair. Inspired by race car seats, the Secret Lab Omega provides maximum comfort with its high quality, stain-water resistant leather and cold-cured memory foam that gives exquisite cushion comfort. Its sleek ergonomic design and unparalleled craftsmanship lets gamers sit for hours in front of their game without back pain. It comes with a soft cotton head pillow and a memory foam velvet back pillow for those with lower back problems. A person that doesn’t exceed the weight limit of 240 pounds can sit on this chair.

When you assemble this chair, you will see up close the intricacy and craftsmanship in its parts and pieces. They are very detailed and made with a lot of care. The packaging comes with its own screwdriver and additional screws in case you need them. If you’re having trouble assembling it, the manual is pictorial and even comes with a link to see a video on how it is put together. Looks like they thought out everything.

The chair comes with 4K adjustable armrest that can rotate, slide towards or away from the seat and slide up and down for height. You can tilt the backseat to a locked position that’s comfortable for you, up to 165 degrees. Even tilting back at the maximum angle, the chair will still maintain its upright position. That means if you want to take a quick nap on your lunch break in your office, you can with great comfort (just don’t let your boss catch you).

This chair can be a bit pricey, but overall, if you’re looking for a finely made chair that competes with chairs that could cost more and provide high class comfort and craftsmanship, this chair is highly recommended! Even for those who are just searching for a chair with good posture and back support, this gaming chair can act as a regular comfortable office chair. It’s that good!! This multi-award winning gaming chair gives the best quality and beyond!