Buy a mini fridge for your beers/soft drinks!

Playing video games can make you lose track of time. When you finish, you realize a few hours passed by and your throat will suddenly crave for something refreshing. The same will go for your friends when they are with you. Then when it comes to getting drinks from the kitchen, chances are they’ll stop gaming and call it a day and your friends will go home.

Also, do you want a fridge that’ll take up a lot of space or just the corner of the room? The size of the fridge will depend on the room but having a mini fridge is perfect for a man cave with some friends around, especially if you can only afford an apartment or a condo.

So having a mini fridge in your room is not a necessity, but it will help you keep your friends playing longer and having a good time. In this list, I’ll be looking for refrigerators that has a good cooling compressor, enough space to store your cold items, and its shape. Having a well made fridge, maintaining the perfect temperature will be here on this list.

Midea WHS-65L

Item model number WHS-65LW1
17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches
35.3 pounds
1.6 cubic feet
110 Watts

For those who want to game on your own without going down to the kitchen, this mini fridge is for you. It’s compact (1.6 cubic feet), cool and cute in a sense.

The fridge is the perfect size to fit under your table whenever you have a brief break between gaming to pick up a quick drink. It has bar wire panels for the shelves, which isn’t the best type to use, in my opinion. It’s usually harder to clean those types of panels but if you’re into it, then no problem.

The small freezer on the upper right hand corner of the fridge is nothing more than mediocre. Because the freezer is part of the fridge, the temperature will range from 8-10 degrees fahrenheit, which is not freezing temperature so storing frozen food will be a problem if you decide on putting meat or frozen food. If you do, leave it in for a couple of days max.

But for only $64, you can’t go wrong about getting a friendly budget fridge that’ll keep your drinks and lunch cool for a good amount of time. If you have room under your desk to plug a fridge, go for it. It’s better than going down to the kitchen to get a drink when you have one under your desk.

Danby Designer DCR044A2

20.9 x 20.7 x 32.7 inches
Item model number DCR044A2BDD-3
4.4 cubic feet
57.8 pounds
120 Volts

I call this the upgrade of a mini fridge because this looks larger than most mini fridges I’ve seen. I’m 5’7 and usually, mini fridges are short, reaching up to my knees or thighs. This mini fridge is as tall as my hips! Just by looking at it, this is a great option for having a handful friends coming over to play in your man cave.

This fridge utilizes its space very conveniently with its 8 can holders (that can also fit the 16 ounce cans), an egg racks that can fit 9 eggs, easy slide out glass panels for the shelves and the freezer space. When you look at it, it has a very smart layout with its 4.4 cubic feet space, which is the standard space for mini fridges. On the bottom of the freezer panel is a thin pull out tray to put the cheese and the deli meats. It’s something that most mini fridges don’t have, making this more unique than the rest of the competition.

Although people are saying that it’s a single door fridge that doesn’t separate the freezer and the fridge, this layout speaks for itself! The freezer has its own designated space for the frozen items.

The freezer itself is ok. It’s a full width sized freezer, which is great compared to the really small ones from the others, but the temperature isn’t that great, getting as cold as 9.9 degrees fahrenheit, which isn’t the standard. But at the same time, this has been a typical problem for all the mini fridges I’ve researched. Storing frozen meals for a whole week is not recommended! If you are planning to eat it in a few days time, then that is ok.

There isn’t anything else to say about this fridge. With it’s conveniently organized set up in the fridge and its full width sized freezer, this is one of the best options of any model at its price and size. Go get this for your man cave.

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