Best PC Gaming Speakers That’ll Blow Your PC Man Cave Away!

Imagine you have the top of the line PC with a powerful processor and a great graphics card and you’re ready to game on in your man cave. But the sound thats coming out of your crummy speaker from the desktop PC is ruining the spectacular graphics that is displayed in your monitor. The graphic display and the soft, weak sound ratio is like Dwayne Johnson speaking with a high pitch. Not cool and not matching!

Having great gaming speakers in your room is just as important as having great graphics and a great storyline in a video game. And these days, speakers with surround sound, powerful bass and volume is a necessity for your man cave, especially when you want to hear the intricate details of your gaming.

On this list, I’ve picked the top speakers based on how powerful and reliable the speakers are. I’ll admit, the picks won’t be as flashy and colorful as the Logitech G560, which is not on the list because I heard from the people about software issues, that the control of the volume are either too quiet and too loud, but they pack quite a punch for your buck. So if you like to blast your room with music and the sounds of explosions and gunfire instead of in your headset, then this list is for you.

PC Gaming Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

I always admired BOSE for their great audio equipment, and these speakers are no exception. Even though these speakers look small and a bit outdated in terms of design (came out in 2014), these speakers are very powerful for its size.

From a designing perspective, it is compact and small, using fabric as covers for the speaker itself. The speakers are light and can be transported with ease. All of the volume control, headphone jack and the 3.5 mm aux inputs are located on the right speaker so if you want to connect with you Ipad or other tablets or electronic devices, you can. There are no treble, base levels to adjust because you don’t really need to since the sound is completely balanced. Unfortunately, there is no bluetooth support since this is a outdated speaker.

When you crank up the volume, it is loud enough to blast your room with 50% of volume power so when you test it out, people recommend cranking it the volume at most a quarter up. When it comes to clarity, it sounds amazing! There are no bass break ups or distortions when you crank it to the max so crank away if you want!

The speaker, however, doesn’t have a subwoofer or any more gauges to customize the sound quality. But for $100, you’re getting a well balanced powerful speaker that is more bang for your buck. If you’re searching for a simple yet compact powerful speaker, go with the BOSE!

PC Gaming Speakers 2

Logitech Z623 Powerful THX Sound 2.1 Speaker System

For first impressions, I find this thing looking slick and sexy! I’ve read a lot of good reviews about these speakers. However, I was wrestling on deciding on which speakers I wanted to put on here. It was a battle between this speaker and the Klipsch Promedia 2.1, which is another awesome speaker and I would recommend it, even if it’s 16 years old and outdated. 

However, since the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 is a 2002 product and it looks like something my dad owns, I’m going with the Logitech z625 since it provides better sound and it looks up to date with its modern look. Plus, it’s compatible with this generation’s game consoles and PCs. The Klipsch isn’t.

Looking at the design, it comes with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. All the headphone, aux cable inputs, volume and bass level knobs are located on the right speaker. The speakers are plastic but they look as if it is pretty well made and handled with care.

The subwoofer looks to have sharp edges all around it so be careful when handling it. The grill of the woofer looks to stick out to have more of a powerful look to bring out all that bass. In the back, it has a left/right speaker input, an optical input for your console, a 3.5mm audio jack input and the plug outlet to connect the speakers to the subwoofer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with bluetooth (you think this day and age they have that automatically), so if you want to get bluetooth connected, you can get the logitech adapter by clicking here. It would have been perfect to have bluetooth to use with your phone, to listen to music or play Fortnite on your phone. C’mon people it’s 2018!!

As for the sound, according to the people, the bass is adequate and balanced that provides mid bass frequencies without distortions coming out from the speakers. The sound itself is THX certified, meaning it’ll pass for giving surround sound in a theater. So basically these small speakers can turn your room into a movie theater, depending on the room size and other factors.

Overall, the z625 gives a very good presentation with surround sound, great sound in your computer man cave and with its affordable price. If you have some money to splurge into some decent speakers, these speakers will not disappoint. Get out of your chair and get these speakers!

PC Gaming Speakers 3

Sound BlasterX Katana Sound bar

A sound bar for your computer!?!? You might think “I thought sound bars are made for only TVs. Will it fit in the confined space on my desk?” Well yes it will and this thing is the real deal! The Sound Blaster X Katana from Creative Labs is a surprisingly compact power house that’ll fit on your desk and delivers an awesome immersive sound experience.

From the people’s eyes, the sound bar itself is 24 inches in length and roughly 3 pounds. The design of the sound bar looks like a katana, like if you can imagine swinging it at someone, you’ll cut their heads off with it. It can be placed under your monitor and it fits perfectly in confined spaces.

It has four drivers in the bar itself; two of em are in the 2 inch openings that are facing up towards the ceiling and the other two are facing front.  It has a RGB light strip on the bottom that is fully customizable with any color you want to display. In the back, it has an audio jack input, a headphone jack input, an optical input, an aux input, a USB input and a micro USB input for computers. This speaker has bluetooth 4.0 (Hallelujah!).

As for the subwoofer, it has a 5 inch driver encased in the wooden box itself and it packs quite a bass. It also comes with a remote to control all the features on the sound bar, which is a nice touch.

As for what the people are saying for the sound, it has the perfect balance of high, mid and low frequency range of sounds. For what you are paying for this speaker ($300), the sound is AMAZING! Even without the driver software customization, it sounds fantastic!

Speaking of which, there is a driver software you can download where you can customize your RGB colors and control the bass, mids and highs. You can preset the sounds and save them as pre-configured profiles for watching movies, playing certain games, night mode for your lights, etc.. It’s very intuitive!!

Overall, the Sound Blaster X Katana is compact, well made and most importantly, the sound you’re getting is extraordinary! The RGB lighting is a nice touch and the design is slick. For the price, it is expensive. But with the full customization with the sound and lighting and the great sound, I say it is worth buying for as a gift or for yourself. Go get this speaker if you are in a splurging mood!

So do you think these gaming speakers are the best for your PC man cave? Or would you prefer just having a good headset? Post your comment down below on what you think!

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