Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables

Ping Pong (or table tennis) is a indoor game that many people enjoy, no matter what skill you have playing. It is an enjoyable game for your family, friends and professional players. I would say a good majority of people love to play this game, so having one in your man cave is a big plus to your reputation of having the man cave to go to! Besides video games, there isn’t anything satisfying than hitting a small white ball across a huge table.

Therefore, it you have a big room to work with that’ll entertain a number of people, you might as well get something that’ll occupy the space when they wait for their turn to play their favorite game. Or if your friend invites a number of unenthusiastic gamers, they have something to look forward to when they come.

Plus, when you need to rest your eyes from staring at a screen for a long time, it’s refreshing and revitalizing to move around. Plus, if you don’t like the outdoors, this can be a great time to have a good time with a friendly, competitive game like ping pong.

So before you dive into purchasing immediately, there are some things to consider and check beforehand.

Indoor Ping Pong Tables

1.) SPACE: A standard table usually takes up a good amount of space (9 x 5 feet). Also, take into consideration that you need at least 3 feet of open space all around (5 feet is highly recommended) between the table and the wall around you. So consider measuring the accommodated space you need before you purchase.

2.) HUMIDITY: Make sure you differentiate between an outdoor and an indoor ping pong table. An outdoor table can maintain its shape longer in the weather. An indoor table cannot, since humidity kills the table. Since this is a man cave site, my selections will be indoor tables. If you are considering taking your indoor table outside for special purposes, make sure the weather is good.

3.) Folding vs. Standing: Do you want to use the space exclusively for a fixed table or do you want a fold table to store to make more room later on? Fixed tables are usually more expensive and higher quality. Folding tables are more accessible to make more room so make sure you have good wheels so rolling it away to a corner is easy.

Also, what kind of ping pong table do you need to look for? After some researching, this is what makes a great purchase!

Indoor Ping Pong Tables 2

1.) Surface Thickness: On a professional standpoint, an inch of thickness will provide the best experience, due to the ball bouncing accurately on a thick surface. You don’t want a flimsy, breakable table that won’t maintain its shape and make your playing experience poor. Now, a inch thick table will cost you a lot of money, but if you look for at least a 3/4 inch thick table, you’ll have a great experience for all players.

2.) The Frame: The same thing goes for the frame. You want a sturdy table that has a strong frame. If you want a table that will last a long time, look for a non-folding table since they have a stronger frame. If you have limited space and wish to store the table every time you’re done using it, then find a foldable table with stainless steel frames.

3.) Adjustability: When you have kids, can you adjust its height? Are the wheels easy to roll when you transfer it? Can you fold it with ease? Check all these components if you want to invest on the right table.

4.) SAFETY!!: This is probably the most important factor that encompasses the things I mentioned, especially when you have little children. Little things like padded corners, wheel locks, locking levers, and the location of storing it are all very important. You don’t want a 200 pound table taking away the entertainment and turning into a hazardous object.

With all that said, this list will give you your worth of purchasing an indoor ping pong table that is enjoyable and long lasting.

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table!

Indoor Ping Pong Tables 3
Item model number: T8580W
60 x 108 x 30 inches (Playing Position)
60 x 28 x 64 inches (Storing Position)
188.9 Pounds

The first impression on this table is the color! The dark blue on the surface is a very nice touch, being covered with the black all around! Unfortunately, this color is the only one available so I hope the house interior will match the blue color on the table. The surface itself is made out of a medium density fibrewood.

The frame gives great sturdiness with four 1.5″ stainless steel legs, that are shaped into a square on each side. When setting it up, it comes with a auto opening feature that deploys when opening. This is great for setting up without worrying about getting your fingers jammed up when opening it. Whoever has little ones running around the table while it’s up, you don’t need to worry. It has a spring loaded safety latch system where it locks into place when the tables on each side are facing up so that it won’t unexpectedly fold down on its own and injure someone.

The table is able to be separated into two halves for other uses like being a regular table to put snacks on. One end of the table can also be folded up to play by yourself. If you want to store the table to get more space in your room, you can easily fold up both sides of the table and roll the table to the corner or the closet.

The thickness of the table is only 5/8 inches thick, so we can’t recommend this to the hardcore players out there. The bounce is good but not at the level of professionals. If you’re a casual player like me and are looking for a budget table, this is a perfect selection.

Overall, this table provides great durability, great safety features, great quality that’ll last for years, and its affordable. This is a great investment if you want something other than gaming on the side!



  • Cheap!
  • Well made!
  • Great safety features!
  • Separate table for other uses!
  • Folds up to be stored!
  • Thin surface.
  • Not ideal for professionals.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

Indoor Ping Pong Tables 4
Item model number 11200
108 x 60 x 30 inches
189 pounds

A lot of people are saying this the best fold up table tennis on the market, due to its craftsmanship, its durability, and its price! To be honest, when I look at the table, it looks really good!!

It gives a subtle faded blue color on the surface with the black coating edges around the table. The sturdy, stainless steel that supports the table looks fierce to the eye. It’s provided with padded corners so that you won’t accidentally bludgeon your hips or stomach when you’re on the move, trying to win. It has locked wheels and coating on the steel legs to prevent rusting. Again, the table looks REALLY well made and is a very strong competitor when it comes to affordable tables! Like the STIGA, it’s able to separate the tables for other uses.

As for the surface thickness, it offers the choice to have a 5/8th inch, a 3/4th inch or 1 inch of thickness. I would recommend the 3/4 inch, since that will cater to all level of players to play on. Of course if you want the very best out of your ping pong experience, you are welcome to upgrade to an inch of thickness. Both 3/4th and 1 inch offers a great bounce so if you wanna knockout your opponent with the curve ball, this table is the way to go!

I would say this table is way better than the STIGA table, only because it looks way better to the keen eye and it offers more thickness to the table surface for advanced players. I would highly recommend this indoor ping pong table for EVERYONE who wants a well balance folding table!



  • The upgraded version of the STIGA!
  • Looks fantastic!
  • Choice of surface thickness!
  • Affordable!

Killerspin Revolution

Indoor Ping Pong Tables 5
Item model number: 301-13
140 x 60 x 29.9 inches 
419 pounds

This ping pong table isn’t for the faint of heart! If you like to practice on a tournament level platform, this is the way to go! With its world class design and its competition quality craftsmanship, it is the ultimate centerpiece in your big room.

Looks wise, it looks stunning! The aluminum panel base comes in a big arch shape, which has been used ever since the Ancient Rome Era, known for its superior support in any structure. For this kind of design, you might think it’s gonna be a pain to assemble, but with just two pieces, the surface and the arch, it locks in just seconds with an easy lock-bolt mechanism. But you might need to have a friend or two to help you move the table because it’s quite heavy!!

The surface is almost exceptionally flawless with its non-scratch surface, its 22mm Premium Medium Dense Fibrewood, and its anti- glare resistant coating! The stainless steel panel that surrounds the surface of the table is a nice compliment to the table. This is exceptionally convenient in those sun glare rooms that’ll shine on the surface with minimal glare reflecting back when you play!

Unfortunately, it can’t be stored when you want extra space, so when you place it, it is a ping pong exclusive space! Therefore, plan out your set up in your room accordingly!

Overall, If you’re a serious pro ping pong player who happens to be into gaming, this ping pong table will not disappoint for improving your skills and for playing in your man cave! This world class table will be the center of attention when people enter your man cave. Go get one, if you can afford its price tag!!



  • Looks STUNNING!
  • Extremely well made surface!
  • World Class Craftsmanship!
  • Professional players would approve!
  • Easy to assemble!
  • HEAVY!
  • Can’t be stored!

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