Gaming Chairs For Living Room/Big Space

When you have your gamer friends coming over to your place or if you have kids who are looking to have an awesome gaming session, you better have some comfy chairs that’ll provide comfort to your friends’ bottoms for hours on end. The last thing you want is having your friends not coming back to your place because the furniture you have gives more pain than comfort.

I’ve researched many types of chairs for your living room, from recliners and bean bag chairs to gaming chairs without legs. I’ve compiled these top chairs for your living room based on comfort, durability, price and looks. Again, I will also judge the chair based on the customer reviews and see what they have to say about the chairs I reviewed.

If you’re looking for a chair that involve speakers installed in the chair, I will not include it into the list. I’ve seen too many bad reviews stating that the subwoofers and the speakers have some connection issues and it won’t connect to the latest Xbox One console. I’ve also seen that the speakers only last for, at max, a few months then it breaks down. As a gamer, even though the speakers are cool features, if a product doesn’t have durability and reliability on all aspects, then it shouldn’t be worth the money. 

Birdrock home adjustable 14-position memory foam floor chair & gaming chair ($75)

42′ x 21′ x 6 ‘
12 pounds

This chair is known for its comfortable padding and simple, yet sleek look. It has 14 adjustable back positions to make it comfortable for any reclining position for your gaming session. It’s affordable, it’s comfortable and it looks cool! You can buy 2 or 3 of these and it’ll be worth it!

It can be stored in your closet and it doesn’t take up a lot of room since it’s thin and sleek. You can either put it in the corner or in the closet as it is or fold it all the way flat on both sides and stack or slide it under your couch or bed. It’s pretty convenient and space friendly when you store it, unlike the thick, rubber gaming rockers with speakers.

The material of the chair is micro-fiber so when you’re hot and sweaty, the sweat won’t grip the material to your skin unlike leather material. When you spill water or you are really sweating on a hot summer weather, the material won’t absorb as quickly, so cleaning and picking up the spill is much easier than regular soft furry fabric.

From the looks of it, having the chair placed on a rug or a carpet would be a better alternative than a hard surfaced floor since carpet gives more cushion and wooden floors do not. Plus, from the length it presents, you might want to have a pillow or something soft and cushiony for your ankles and feet that dangle at the end of your seat if you’re planning on playing your game on the hard floor.

Hear what the customers had to say about the chair:

  • 6’1” and kinda heavy. Can comfortably sit in this chair. Been using it daily for the past 2 weeks and it seems to hold up its shape very well.
  • Bought this for my 8 year old son to use when he plays video games and he loves it.
  • My wife loves it. It has been a lifesaver during her pregnancy ( especially during 7th – 9th month).

Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair – Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover – Stuffed Foam Filled Furniture and Accessories for Dorm Room – Charcoal 3′ ($80)

36′ x 36′ x 24′
25 pounds

This type of chair was a little tricky for me. I always thought bean bag chairs do give a great feeling to the room when you see it. It basically saying “JUMP/SIT ON ME” written all over it. However, I am conflicted with the fact that there are a number of bad reviews stating that it has a bad odor that wont go away, it’s still firm after usage, it doesn’t support my back, etc..

But if you’re a bean bag sucker who JUST HAS TO have one in the video game room, then this product is for you. If you have children who wants to release their energy onto the bag, I recommend getting it. If you want to use it more for decoration than anything else, then by all means buy it. 

There were so many types of bean bags to choose from, from the different brands they were selling to the sizes they had to offer. After researching and deliberating which bean bag I thought was the best, I had to give into this bean bag chair, Amazon’s #1 choice.

The size was tricky since this is available in 3 -6 feet. Again, after visualizing what size would fit into the living room, I concluded that smaller equals better. If you had a huge bean bag in your living room, that would take up lots of space and the availability of space would be limited. Plus, going on and getting out of the thing would be more of a hassle than enjoyable if you were getting a big one. The more bigger the size, the more likely it’ll sink from your weight and leave you having more of a back ache than anything else. The three footer bean bag is my choice since its small, yet big enough to fit your body without feeling sunk into AND it doesn’t take up much space in your living room.

The main reason why I chose this one is because it all comes down to the price. The cheaper selections of bean bag chairs resulted in getting a lot more bad reviews, saying the bean bag structure falls apart, it lost all its fluff and it turns flat after a few months. The more expensive selections might have a slight improvement on reviews from customers, but the price of the chair is a $30-100 difference! This particular bean bag is affordable and will most likely retain it’s form and structure for a while.

Comes in 15 different colors; from lime green to bright magenta. Good for all ages!!

The bean bag chair itself doesn’t have any beans at all! It’s actually memory foam that provide more comfort than a regular bean bag. It gives more fluff and it maintains its structure after the number of times you sit on it. The cover itself is double stitched all around and it soft and durable. Just don’t spill any drinks on it since it might absorb the spill easily!

If you have kids, they’ll love the feel and its fluffyness while they jump or just relax in it while playing their favorite video game.

Although the bean bag chair does give the living room more spaz and it’s great for gaming, it does have its faults. Many customers do complain about the bag taking its form after a longer period of time (a day or two). So with a little patience, the bean bag will take form and it’ll be a great purchase. 

Hear what customers have to say about it:

  • I gave it 48 hours to fluff up after I opened it. My kids are constantly jumping and climbing all over it, and all I do is fluff it back up occasionally. Really well made!
  •  This is WAY better than the traditional bean bag. It’s so HUGE!
  •  I bought them for gaming chairs. They wound up being beds for gaming night sleepovers.

Post a comment down below if you agree or disagree! Happy shopping!

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