Best Computer Gaming Desk To Support Your Gaming Needs!

You got all the gaming components you need; from the gaming mouse to the humongous, often steamy, PC/gaming console for your PC set up for your man cave. Now you just need a desk wide and big enough to put all these things on. But what kind and what size desk you want to purchase?

Having your designated space on a gaming desk is often overlooked when people shop for them. Sometimes we want so much, yet we can’t store it with so little space on your desk, and vise-versa. Do you want 3 monitors for your immersive gaming or one? How big is your PC module? Do you want a desk that has a keyboard slot you can slide out in front of you? Cupholders? What shape do you want your desk to be? Yes, all these factors have to be taken into consideration.

Unfortunately, we all have a diverse, creative setup in our heads on what kind of setup we want in our designated space. Here on this list, I’ll be ranking computer gaming desks based on stability, size, shape, look, price and quality. Hopefully there will be something for everyone on this list so leave a comment down below if I need to search for more options. Here they are.

Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro

best computer gaming desk
Item #33950212
51 x 24.5 x 35.8 inches
42.7 pounds

My first impressions were “The people who made this desk thought about every aspect about what you need!” Although it looks compact in a sense, it has a lot of features where it is convenient and stands out in a great way! 

The desk itself can withstand 40 pounds, so you can easily put a laptop or a desktop, and a couple of monitors on it. Again, did I mention there are so many features on this desk? You can store so much stuff on it.

It has a 6 x 7 x 22 monitor stand that sticks out in the back so that you can have a clear view without anything blocking the monitor.  It has two speaker stands sticking out at the sides of the table where it is deep enough to store your games. It has a charging stand shelf to put your electronics on such as smartphones, tablets and others to charge. It has a storing space below the center of the desk, a controller stands that holds 2, a headset/VR hanging hook, cable managing slots, and a cupholder! This is a great desk for your man cave if you want to put all tech items in one table that you can easily store and find!

The desk itself has sturdy steel legs to support your techs. It uses a charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top that looks super sleek! Again, the size itself might look compact to some because of all the features it has, but it is conveniently put together so that the desk doesn’t feel cramped and narrow.

With the price it offers, this computer gaming desk is a must have for any gamers who likes compact convenient spaces!



  • Small and compact!
  • Has so many holders for everything!
  • Has a monitor stand!
  • Cheap!
  • Small and compact!
  • Not enough space to put everything!

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

best computer gaming desk 2
Item Model #AZ51B29
20 x 51 x 29 inches
57 pounds

In my honest opinion, I was a bit skeptical to put this on the list because I don’t feel comfortable about having glass counter tops on a desk. I do like the L shape and the open doors to put a lot of tech on it. The only saving grace that is letting me put this desk on the list is the people’s great feedback and the cheap price it is selling for. I’ve looked for a good L shaped model but there was no luck. This was the only one that is decent! Let me know what you guys think in the comments about this pick.

Looking at the design, it’s an L shape desk that has a thick tempered safety glass countertop, that is held up with durable steel legs. So it is safe to say you can place your PC and your gaming needs on it. It may seem like a regular computer desk to a lot of you, but this thing would be a great option if you want to utilize a lot of space to put your gaming techs on this desk conveniently!

You can fit this desk in a small room without taking a lot of space, since this desk is made to fit in the corner of a room or in the middle. The desk can be flexible by putting the sliding keyboard tray on either side of the desk, making the the desk suitable for any corner of your room.

The only thing that is keeping this desk from being superb is not having any cable management space. But that isn’t surprising since the table stretches on two sides. So if you’re into cable management and don’t like to have cables hanging around with your three monitors, a PC and other gadgets, you better have a lot of cable ties ready!

Overall, with the exorbitant amount of space, the stable material, the attractive look and the affordable price, this computer gaming desk is for those who like to put a lot of stuff on a lot of space! Get this desk if you have a lot of stuff to showcase in your man cave!



  • Utilizing a lot of space!
  • Aesthetically nice!
  • Great pricing!
  • Deceivingly stable
  • No cable management on a huge desk!
  • Might have a slippery surface when wet!

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

best computer gaming desk 3
Model Number ARENA-NA-(COLOR)
32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
85.5 pounds

Now this computer gaming desk is an aggressive looking desk! With its accent stripes and its slick smooth edge design, this desk easily targets any serious gamer and eSport player, wanting to have a real battle station look!

The desk comes with 5 colors but only the red selection has the graffiti design. But each color still looks good with the accented lines around the perimeter of the desk. The legs are extendable from 27 to 31 inches. With loosening and tightening the screws to adjust, the process is easy. 

Looking at the 14 square foot counter top, it comes with a micro fiber cloth covering that covers the entire table. It is water resistant and slip resistant so your things won’t go sliding everywhere like an ice rink. Because of its smooth surface, it doesn’t need a mousepad. Instead, the desk counter top IS a mousepad so you can use the mouse anywhere you want! The desk doesn’t come with shelves but because the desk is so expansive, you can put your stuff all on the desk and make it look aesthetically good without the need of shelves.

best computer gaming desk 4

The counter top has 3 hole cutouts; one on the top left, top center, and top right. The micro fiber cover has 3 upside down T slits that is placed on top of the holes so that you can put the cables through them with ease. On the bottom of the desk, there is a net where you can pull through or store the excessive slacks. That way, you can make cable management look easy and clean without any cable tangles.

Unfortunately, looking at the weight of the desk, you might need a buddy or two to transfer and assemble it since the parts of the desk seem dense and heavy, using strong metal as the support. Fortunately, the assembly of the desk is relatively easy but it’s time consuming since you’re working with 50 screws, according to the people’s feedback. Also, this desk does come at a hefty price (Almost $400).

But thanks to the people’s feedback, the Arozzi Arena Desk is considered widely praised for its sturdiness, the expansive amount of space, the material of the cover and its easy cable managing that comes with the desk. Go get this computer gaming desk if you want huge space and look cool gaming.



  • Aggressive gaming aesthetic!
  • HUGE table to place anything!
  • Huge mousepad surface!
  • Great cable management system!
  • Water/slip resistant!
  • HEAVY!
  • Expensive!

Again, leave a comment down below on what you think about these selections. Happy gaming!!

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