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Hello and welcome to my website! Gaming has always been a passion of mine since I was 4 years old when my father introduced me to my very first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Over the years of my childhood/adolescence, I always get the thrill of having a friend sitting next to me playing our favorite video game and experiencing great moments; whether it’s playing shooting games or just experiencing the epic storyline campaign together.

Now I want to share the same passion with you!

As a gamer, I know how important and desirable it is to have a space in your house that is exclusively for gaming. Building that private man cave for you and your friends is a gamer’s dream of having. Us as gamers want to connect with friends (online or side by side) to tackle an impossible mission or using teamwork to battle squads who want the taste of victory.  So why not experience that with the comfort of the best furniture, the coolest electronic gadgets and game consoles you can have in your video game room.

So whether you are an old school arcade collector, a modern online gamer of today, a family man who wants to make a gaming room for your kids or a bachelor/bachelorette who wants to impress his friends with his exclusive man cave, this site is for you! If you want to design a private room solely for gaming, I make this website so that I can connect with you who share these same passions as I do.

So what is Techy Man Cave?

Techy Man Cave is a website that lists out the best furniture, gear and gadgets for gamers out there who dream of setting up their perfect video game room. From- gaming chairs, big TVs, surround sound speakers, gaming consoles, computers, indoor sport equipment- I make shopping for these items and items alike much easier by informing you which one is the best value at its price.

How do you know I’m getting my money’s worth?

My recommendations are decided through extensive research on a particular item so that you can buy great quality items without having to research on your own. My researching method includes online sources, journals & articles from magazines, and (most importantly in my opinion) thousands of owner reviews that give the product two thumbs up.  I do my best to provide the best information on products that will enhance or give you the better edge to make your gaming experience even better. Think of it as a free online magazine subscription run by a nerd who wants to display the best nerdy products to you.

Why trust Techy Man Cave?

In order to build credibility and trust with consumers, I never accept donations or free products from marketing manufacturers, making my recommendations entirely unbiased. If I were to recommend a product just because of marketing promotion purposes, then readers wouldn’t support my passion and cause. Techy Man Cave does its best to spend hours on intense researching to recommend the best items for its consumers without any brand promoting.

I hope you find this website useful for creating your gaming man cave!! Best wishes to you all!


Founder of Techy Man Cave

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